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Pump keys (chiavi da pompa in Italian) are special keys for a unique type of locking system, found mostly in Italy, France and Spain, though they occasionally crop up in the UK.

In spite of the name, they don’t generally operate any type of pump. Instead, they usually operate front doors and garage door mechanisms. They have a distinctive shape which is sort of like a trident (see picture).

At We Love Keys, we can make pump key replacements very quicky. All we need is a clear photo of both sides of your key and we’re ready to rock! Simply upload the pictures using the photo upload tool above.

The most common types of pump key lock out there are made by ISEO and Mottura. If you’re unsure about what sort of key you have, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Same-day dispatch on most pump keys if ordered by 3pm on a working day (subject to stock of blanks).

Here are just some of the things that your key might have written on it: JMA IS-1G, Silca 5IE5, JMA MT-AG, Silca MT4, JMA MT-AGP, Silca MT4P, JMA MT-CG, Silca MT3, JMA MT-CGP, Silca MT3P, JMA MT-DGP, Silca MT3RP, JMA MT-EG, Silca MT2, JMA MT-EGP, Silca MT2P, JMA MT-GG, Silca MT4R, JMA MT-GGP, Silca MT4RP

More about cutting pump keys from a photo

To some it may sound a little crazy, but at We Love Keys we can copy many keys just from a photo. The result is as good as a key that comes straight from the main Mottura or ISEO factory, thus avoiding the inaccuracy that can come from copying keys in the back of a shop.

A clever algorithm assesses and measures the photo you sent and translates the photo into the cuts on an actual pump key. An electronic key machine then makes the key.

Trustpilot Five Stars
“Brilliant to find a company that cuts a replacement key for an old lock from a couple of photos.”Trustpilot