We’re now part of Interkey!Interkey Logo

Metrolocks, our parent company, has just been accepted as a member of Interkey, a prestigious international key-cutting association.

What is Interkey?

Interkey is a Europe-wide key-cutting and security trade association for serious and qualified professionals. It has been around since 1964 and stands for experience, competence, trust, quality and innovation in the industry.

We at We Love Keys stand for all of those things as well. We’ve got almost 30 years’ experience under our belt in all things keys. We’re competent key-cutters, with a wide array of skills and tools at our disposal to help us not just provide a quality service, but to innovate as well.

We’re constantly experimenting to find new ways of producing keys that have hitherto been unobtainable. We now supply ABUS keys; CISA keys; Camlock Systems keys; keys for lifts and switches; Meroni laser-cut keys; Wilka keys; and TESA keys, as well as all kinds of other keys that our customers have, in the past, struggled to get elsewhere.

We hope that this new membership is beneficial not just to us, but to our customers and clients alike. Interkey members have a forum on which they can discuss numerous trade-related topics, where members can share solutions or ideas on problems they’ve been having.

These online forums have helped us out many times, thereby helping our clients out.

Though at We Love Keys we’re always keen on giving back, too. We’re healthy and regular contributors to the various forums we’re part of. We’re proud to be the key-cutting experts that we are, and we’re proud that Interkey has recognised us by granting us membership.