ABUS XP10, XP2 & XP20

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2+ keys = £16.29 (10% discount)
5+ keys = £15.20 (16% discount)
10+ keys = £14.12 (22% discount)
20+ keys = price on enquiry
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ABUS makes a large number of security keys, notably XP10, XP2, XP2S, XP20 and XP20S. These keys are primarily for door locks, and exist Europewide. We can make duplicates of those keys without any fuss.

All ABUS XP-style security locks are issued with a code card (pictured above). To order, simply type the code from your card into the box above, and you’re good to go. Then, once you’ve placed your order, send us a photo of the code card.

These high-security keys typically take one week to make, but they can take up to four weeks. We will need a photo of the corresponding security card to make these.