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Looking for spare ABUS keys? You’re in the right place.

We know that it can often be a challenge to get replacement keys for door cylinders, bike locks and padlocks, which is why we decided to set up a website to make that process much simpler.

Since ABUS produces such a huge range of products, we thought it might be useful to provide a guide to selecting products from our range of ABUS keys.

You’re always welcome to give us a call on (+44) 020 7608 0809 or to write to us if you have any queries.

Will you need my key to copy from?

We won’t need your key to copy from. That’s the magic of ABUS keys: they can all be cut remotely, from a code number.

So if you only have one key left, which you use every day, do not fear! We can cut your key and send it to you without any ado.

Key code numbers & where to find them.

Most keys on ABUS products have a code number marked on them, and sometimes the code number is marked on a separate key card (see below).

Typically, a key code number is marked on the head of the key. If the head of the key is made of plastic (this is often the case on ABUS bicycle keys), then the code is usually written on the top of the stem of the key.

Keys with security cards.

ABUS Plus - We Love Keys

A number of ABUS locks come with security cards with code numbers on. ABUS Granit padlocks (Plus or X-Plus), for example, are always supplied with a code card.

This card – which has the same size and shape as a credit card – will have a code number marked on it, from which we can make a copy of the key. You can see one of these cards on the right-hand side.

What if I can’t find my key code?

In some cases, we will be able to make a key simply from a photo. Use our photo upload tool to send us a couple of pictures of your key, and we will get back to you with a solution.

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