The batteries of my safe died and the keys are inside

It is a common misconception that the safest place to store your safe keys is inside the safe. That is not ideal because when the batteries die, you will not be able to open the safe or get the keys for that matter.

If you have any information about the key, you may be able to get key replacements to help you access the safe.

That is why, if you have a tubular key, a good solution for you to access your keys would be the tubular lock pick. They don’t require any great skill to use. We’ve had a number of customers saying this DIY solution worked for them. There’s a risk, of course, that it might not work. Here is an example of tubular lock picks from Amazon if you click here

If your safe is not operated by a small tubular key, you may need a locksmith to call-out and open it for you. 1st Metropolitan Locksmiths can help you access your safe, just click here.

For the currently widely sold lower grade safes, you could check on YouTube for numerous hints on how to open them yourself.

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