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  • Safe keys come in many different types, each designed to work with specific locks and security systems. Some common types of safe keys include combination dial keys, electronic keypad keys, and traditional lock and key systems.


  • When it comes to tubular keys, these unique keys are specifically designed to provide an extra level of security for security locks such as vending machines, gaming machines, and some types of safes. The tubular key has a unique shape and a pattern of small circular pins that align with the lock’s internal tumblers when the key is inserted and turned.


  • If you have lost or misplaced the key to your tubular lock safe, don’t worry – We Love Keys can help! We can make some keys from the key code like: Camlock keys, Phoenix keys, Stoplock tubular keys and much more. other keys can be made to photo like Yale keys and Meroni keys.


  • You can either find your key in the Tubular Keys section on our website or; if you are not sure; you can send us an enquiry about the keys you need by clicking here and we will assist you as best we can.


  • There are several types of “lock and key” safe keys, including:

– Flat keys – These are the most common type of keys used in locks and safes. Side cut Phoenix keys are a good example.

– Tubular keys These keys are specifically designed for high-security locks and safes. You can browse our selection here.

– Dimple keys – These keys have a series of dimples or pits on one or both sides of the key. A good example of that would be Phoenix Dimple Keys.

– Mortice keys – These are often thought of as old fashioned. They have a thin long shaft with a little wing or 2 protruding at the end, which operate the lock when inserted into the key hole. Click here for our selection of mortice keys.

– Card keys – These are electronic keys that use a magnetic stripe or smart chip to unlock the safe. They are often used in hotels, office buildings, and other commercial settings.

    Whether you need a replacement key for a high-security safe or a standard lock, we have the expertise and tools to create accurate and reliable replacement keys that will work seamlessly with your locks. Get in touch now!